Monday, 30 November 2009

I Spit On Your Grave to be remade

I wondered what would be next after The Last House on the Left was remade but never thought it would be controversial rape revenge movie I Spit On Your Grave.

I've made no secret of I Spit On Your Grave being one of my favourite Video Nasties, with its powerfully presented but ambiguous message sparking much-needed discussion of a difficult subject, so am a bit sensitive to a mess being made of it in pursuit of easy profit. It's hard to see the reasoning behind a remake until you consider the revenge murders of the second half and how the film could be changed considerably to concentrate on them - as seems to be hinted at by director Steven Monroe in an interview on - while the harrowing and unflinching rape scene of the first half could probably be dropped from the film altogether. While arguably missing the point this would at least be a different film, and one I'd be interested in seeing.

But I'm jumping ahead. Who knows what kind of remake Monroe will eventually come up with. In the meantime I'll get a review of the original, in both its cut and uncut incarnations, up on the site.


Derek said...

Did they release an uncut version of this in the UK? I guess the US edition is complete?

Ben said...

Nah, the UK version is cut by quite a lot, seven minutes. I bought the uncut American region two version a while back but haven't watched it yet.

Gregor said...

Interesting blog; hope you continue. Don't know how many I'd watch, and I'm not even that much of a horror fan, but it is difficult to find info on many interesting films in the genre.

Ben said...

Thanks man! I mean to spend a bit more time and effort tracking down and reviewing the actual films in the future, so yeah hopefully I will manage to see them all!