Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Another Nasty on Ebay

Another original, pre-certification Video Nasty has surfaced on Ebay, this time Don't Go In The Woods. At £62.00 (so far!) it's not as outrageously expensive as SS Hell Camp was. Here's the seller's blurb -

"Here is an original pre-cert of Don't go in the woods on the video network VRO label. This was one of the films to be prosecuted under the obscene publications act in 1984. Bizzare and ridiculous film, but gory and entertaining nonetheless.

Sleeve is in good nick no rips or stickers.

Tape is not in such good shape. Top label has been ripped along the bottom egde where a sticker was removed. Surface is sticky with glue residue from the removal of sitckers. Spine label is present but is peeling back in a few places.

Playback is OK watched it from start to finish fine."