Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Unenforcing the Video Recordings Act

Interesting news that the Video Recordings Act 1984, ushered in to ban the films on the Video Nasty list, was rushed through with such haste that the government of the time forgot to tell the European Commission, thus making it unenforceable. As stated in a piece in today's Guardian there is a wonderful symmetry between this cock-up and the idiocy of the act itself; and I can't help but think it makes the Video Nasty story, one of the most interesting episodes of horror history, all the richer.


Derek said...

Thanks so much for posting those links Ben! How very interesting - what a mess!

Oh, I recorded "House By the Cemetery", as it was shown on one of the satellite chanels really late last Friday night, and I watched it on Saturday morning.
I found the film a bit hard to follow plot-wise (Fulci's editing and plotting leave a lot to be desired) but the creepy photography and "early 80s" horror synth music bring the whole thing a general sense of dread. Still, generally a poor re-working of the Frankenstein thing. Oh well.

I have no idea if this was a cut version!

Ben said...

I'm not sure if I've seen "The House by the Cemetery", but I've got a feeling I have. There's so many "The House by..." films in the list it's easy to get lost :) But if it was by Fulci I think I would at least remember something about it, as you say he's got style.