Tuesday, 24 June 2008

The Warm, Rubbery Love of Video Nasties

Mark Kermode expounds on the delights of Video Nasties in the latest edition of the Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo Radio 5 Live podcast, while reviewing the interesting-sounding satirical horror movie Teeth. The film reminds the Good Doctor of the Video Nasty era, and he opines how nice it was of the BBFC to put all that wonderful, trashy horror on an easy-to-follow list - giving particular mention to The Witch Who Came From The Sea, which he reckons would have sunk into undeserved obscurity if it wasn't for the BBFC. It's nice to have your opinions confirmed by someone as brainy as Kermode.


banksie said...

Yeah, he's always had a good sensibilty about the whole 'video nasty' genre. His R5 show is always good, regardless of wether you intend to ever even watch the films he's reviewing that week.

Love your blog :)

Ben said...

He's the best film critic we've got IMHO. I'm a big fan of the podcast, he always talks sense. He sees the merits of modern day trash, not just the old stuff, which is pretty rare.

Glad you're enjoying the blog, I'm going to pull my socks up and post more frequently in future :)